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Good things that are happening or that I’m thinking of

Clock Project

When I was recovering from a hernia operation I designed a clock around an Arduino, real time clock board and temperature/humidity sensor. This was built onto breadboard and was as flaky as hell due to poor connections. Recently I decided … Continue reading

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C64 RF Modulator Replacement

A few weeks ago I ordered a c0pperdragon replacement for the RF modulator on my C64. I tried to fit it shortly after it arrived but failed to remove the existing RF modulator due to the massive solder blob securing … Continue reading

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My wife bought a Pinter home brew system for my birthday. It arrived today. I started following the instructions online and quickly realised I’d screwed up. I used water from a jug that hadn’t been washed out after using it … Continue reading

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LEGO™ International Space Station

Some years ago I submitted this to LEGO™ Ideas but it was rejected. Imagine my surprise when a short while back I saw it released. I had nothing to do with the actual release but I was still happy. I … Continue reading

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YouTube Copyright Claim Bollocks!

It was my Twitch stream of the old Tehkan arcade game Star Force from 1984. The whole video has been blocked for 1 minute and 53 seconds of VIDEO (not audio) from almost an hour of almost identical gameplay. This … Continue reading

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Achievement Unlocked!

New vlog post below. Now I don’t normally blog about vlogs, they look after themselves, but this one is slightly different because I hit a target I never thought I’d hit. Twitch Affiliate! I’ll keep saying this, I’m not in … Continue reading

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Highlights From A Trip To London

Me, Jane and the two eldest offspring took a trip to London on Thursday 8th August.First major outing with the wheelchair for Jane! That was an experience in itself. We stayed at the Royal Scot Travelodge in Kings Cross. Booked … Continue reading

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Smart Watch

On a recommendation from a friend, I decided to give the Smart Watch scene another go. I know what the form factor is capable of so I set my sights very low and bought a Q8 Smart Bracelet from Amazon … Continue reading

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New Phone!

It’s not often I get a new phone, so when I upgrade, I make sure it’s good for a few years! This is a OnePlus 6T with 8GB RAM in Mirror Black. I’m impressed with it so far! 😀

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More Success!

Fixed 99% of the problems. I ordered a new flex cable, which arrived this morning, and fitted that more carefully, re-seated the fingerprint sensor and the rear panel clipped into place more easily than yesterday, and is now cleanly fitting. … Continue reading

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