C64 Cruising on Broadway Development – Part 17

Just a little update. I added code to the music routine that allows for multiple songs and replaced the squealing sound effect for increased difficulty with a short tune that Fatboy Slim fans will have no trouble recognising.

Links: Download | Source (for you to rip apart) πŸ˜‰

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C64 Restoration Project – Part 4

So I haven’t been happy with the display on our LCD TVs from the C64C so I ordered a LumaFix64, which is supposed to reduce the problems.I had fun removing the VIC II chip. It was quite firm in the socket and the chip puller I bought couldn’t get a good grip, so I fell back to a small screwdriver, which did the trick.This was the display before fitting the LumaFix64.After much fiddling with the pots on it, the display started to clear. This is the end result. Not perfect but vastly improved πŸ™‚I think I’ll call this a success πŸ˜€

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C64 Cruising on Broadway Development – Part 16

Last week I got to work transposing the music from the Gameboy game Choplifter II (Level 1) to 3 voices suitable for coding to the SID chip. That done I had 7 days at work in a row with very little time spare for coding.

Today I got to work on the music routine itself. I did steal a frequency table, but I call this fare game as it’s out in the public domain and my ears just won’t allow me to create this without help.

An hour or so later I had the base tracking routine in place. Converted the notes to numbers the tracker would recognise in a series of patterns (I based it on the formula used by the 16 bit era trackers) and tested. A few bugs ironed out and I completed the pattern entry. This was a self contained project and runs via interrupt while the computer is free for other things, and controlled with a simple POKE command to turn the music on and off.

The code and data was then moved to the main project, and a few changes made to sync the intro screen text scroller to the music. The result is in the video below.

Video re-uploaded due to changing the main tune octave.

As always, it’s available for download here πŸ™‚

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C64 Cruising on Broadway Development – Part 15

More updates today, mainly aesthetic. I changed the text to mixed case, but this left me without a heart character for the lives. I had considered using the tick character, but instead I copied the character data into RAM and replaced that with the heart. This means that the code is now fully ready to accept a full, custom character set.

The other minor change is showing a full Bonus on the very first intro screen.

In the code itself I’ve finally removed redundant code left over from early testing. The game now must be reset to exit. Run/Stop – Restore has also been disabled. This has always been the intent.

The download link is here and it runs fine on every emulator I’ve tried, and on a real C64C with SD2IEC. There is no special loader so no bother πŸ˜‰

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C64 Cruising on Broadway Development – Part 14

I’ve been featured as a stand alone video on NiftyRetroGamer’s YouTube channel! πŸ˜€

Thanks to his feedback I’ve added “next move prediction” that makes player movement more fluid. I’ve also changed the sound effect when difficulty is increased.

Latest update is here as usual πŸ™‚

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C64 Restoration Project – Part 3

New PSU built, tested and fully working πŸ˜€

I also have an SD2IEC device that partially emulated a 1571 floppy drive so I can use SD cards as storage, and a joystick, which is essential for most C64 games.

Fastload cartridge is in the post. All going well so far πŸ™‚

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C64 Cruising on Broadway Development – Part 13

Who said 13 was unlucky? πŸ˜‰

The bonus score is now added and so I’ve finished the core to this game!

I still have further plans for it: tweaking from any feedback I may get, customising the character set to get lower case (not trivial when using PETSCII) and maybe, just maybe some music on the intro screen. That’s going to be a whole task in itself!

Here’s a video of the full gameplay and the game is available for download here. Tested on Vice (as seen here) and Frodo (for Android devices).

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C64 Cruising on Broadway Development – Part 12

A small sound effects routine has been added. Just the 2 effects so far: the siren during gameplay and the “difficulty up” interval message.

Just the bonus score to add and I’ll consider the game at Version 1.0.

I don’t intend to leave it there though. At an even more leisurely pace I’ll add a custom character set (mainly to allow lower case letters) and improve the interval. Maybe, just maybe add some music to the intro page (but don’t hold your breath on that score).

Download link here.

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C64 Cruising on Broadway Development – Part 11

An aesthetic update today. I’ve added the introduction / instructions screen at the start of the game.

Tomorrow I plan to add a small sound effects routine to have a siren while the game is being played and a difficulty increase interval, if time permits.

The latest update is available for download here.

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C64 Cruising on Broadway Development – Part 10

Today I added lives! Start with 3 and an extra life every level cleared, up to 6 max.

High Score added. Game over routine added.

Each difficulty consists of the full loop of 4 levels. Starts with a single Chaser at normal speed, then single Chaser at double speed, then 2 Chasers at normal speed, etc. to 3 fast Chasers and that’s where it stays. Though that’s bloody difficult!

It’s now officially in beta, available for download hereΒ and will run on your favourite C64 emulator or a real C64.

The video is quite long but shows a quick game to set the high score, then a full game played as well as I could.

Todo: Intro and Interval screens and Bonus Score. The bonus won’t be life ending just no bonus score if you take too long to complete a level.

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