Cycle “Adventures” Volume 175

So it’s been a while, as expected but I think it’s worth it.

I’ve blacked out a number plate on one clip due to ongoing police investigation. I didn’t get the number plate of the other really dangerous idiot or he’d have been reported too!

The Deliveroo moped rider was uninjured but 100% to blame (surprise) and got instant karma!

The aftermath of another smash and it looks quite nasty give what’s left behind. Makes you wonder what happened on this busy section of local road!

Enjoy the show via your chosen media platform!

Cycle “Adventures” on YouTube
Cycle “Adventures” on Odysee

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 174

So after a bit of a break (not really) we’re back with another action packed volume of arseholes I meet on my day to day commute.

As I have previously said I’ve upped the severity needed to make it into these videos because the everyday close passes and cut-ups are pretty humdrum by now, so this means releases will be further apart.

I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking. Enjoy!

Cycle “Adventures” on YouTube
Cycle “Adventures” on Odysee

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 173

This took a while. Due to shifts where I’m only likely to see a lot of traffic in one direction and for some reason it being relatively quiet on the roads I’ve only just got enough footage to make uploading worthwhile.

Future videos may be more spread out anyway because I’m going to stop putting the everyday crap I have to put up with in and concentrate on the more exceptional events (both bad and good).

Anyway, on with the show, enjoy!

Cycle “Adventures” on YouTube
Cycle “Adventures” on Odysee

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Clock Project

When I was recovering from a hernia operation I designed a clock around an Arduino, real time clock board and temperature/humidity sensor. This was built onto breadboard and was as flaky as hell due to poor connections.

Recently I decided to build the project using perfboard, which is messy and caused 2 magic smoke release incidents, and bought a case to keep it all looking tidy.

Did I mention perfboard was messy?

Perfboard Bottom

The top does look a bit cleaner.

Perfboard Top

I decided to try my hand at PCB design so I got to grips with that at EasyEDA and sent of the design to PCBWay for production. A few weeks later I had 11 prototype PCBs.


The PCB wasn’t perfect (my fault). The silkscreen was slightly wrong and I found out after build that the SDA and SCL connections were reversed.

PCB Bottom


I patched the cock-up and everything worked!

Clock Patched and Working
Placed In Project Box

Then I added some external buttons and all is complete!

Clock Complete

I have corrected the PCB design and gave it rounded corners, sent off the order and now just await delivery. All in all I’m very pleased with this 🙂

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 172

Plenty of red light jumpers in this video. Also an unsafety officer, yet another impatient bus driver and one idiot stopped and blocking the road while he checks his phone!

Not really much to say this time around. It’s really just a highlight of some terrible and sometimes terrifying road use.

Cycle “Adventures” on YouTube
Cycle “Adventures” on Odysee

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 171

I was seriously debating whether to keep posting here, as you can see from the last post, but here you go, I’ll keep updating while anyone is still reading 🙂

In this fun filled episode we bring you a wide variety of complete arseholes. From the classic paint scrapers and red light jumpers to selfish parkers, phantom doors and even a police van showing how it shouldn’t be done! Caution: strong language not censored in this video.

The bus driver in this video, after cutting me up later hung back and passed wide when safe, so seems to have learned that it wasn’t a good idea. This is what I’d rather happen. Education rather than discipline.

Cycle “Advcentures” on YouTube
Cycle “Adventures” on Odysee

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Is Anyone Reading This?

Given the prevalence of social media these days, blogs like this are not getting much attention any more. For this reason I’m not going to be posting much here unless it’s something I really want to keep archived.

If anyone is actually reading this (which I’m not sharing widely) then let me know and I’ll continue to post here.

Please note: I’m not abandoning this and will be updating very frequently! There is a lot of stuff on here I don’t want to lose and not updating will open a major security hole. That’s not going to happen 😉

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 170

Well this turned out to be longer than I expected and this was mostly due to something supposedly designed to keep cyclists safe: cycle lanes! More on this shortly.

The “new” Highway Code rules, which seem to have cycle haters chomping at the bit but which are actually clarifications and not new are having little affect in driving behaviour. It’s even possibly making things worse as the aforementioned cycle haters now go out of their way to make it worse for us, yet the biggest and most confusing rules (granting pedestrians priority to cross at junctions) seems to be getting ignored and is going to kill someone one day.

We do have a sort of comical moment when a bus driver I “scolded” for passing me to pull into a bus stop ended up using his washers as he passed… bloody child!

We also have a very scary moment when an artic passes when there’s no room! That has been reported and acknowledged; no need to keep video so it’s going to be a warning and thus it’s included in this video. If I had kept going and he would have pulled back in I wouldn’t be typing this now.

Now back to the cycle lanes: people often complain about cyclists not using cycle lanes and I often reply that they’re just not safe. It’s safer to use the roads (even though that takes some confidence these days). Now these new lanes have completely screwed up the traffic around Cardiff centre so I tried a different route home which meant almost compulsory use of these new lanes. The latter part of this video shows how bloody dangerous they actually are! They’re supposed to help yet have made things so much worse that it’s only a matter of time before injuries are caused due to this poorly planned and implemented mess!

I almost ran out of music for this one it’s so long (ooer missus).

Cycle “Adventures” on YouTube
Cycle “Adventures” on Odysee

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 169

A fairly quiet period that took a while to collate enough for this video.

There’s still a lot of impatience going on though, including an emergency stop for someone who didn’t even see me at a roundabout and of all things a police car stopped on a box junction! With that example being set it’s hardly surprising they’re so widely ignored.

It’s nice to finally see some changes to acknowledge cyclists (and other vulnerable road users) in the Highway Code but I’ll be very surprised if I see any changes to the way we’re actually treated by the small but highly significant proportion of motor vehicle drivers who actively hate us. We shall see but I’m not holding my breath.

Cycle “Adventures” on YouTube
Cycle “Adventures” on Odysee

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 168

This was surprisingly quiet for a December! This doesn’t mean I didn’t have to put up with the normal impatience but not much in the way of Christmas madness.

The danger I mention in one of the clips was nothing to do with road safety. I was talking to myself in anticipation of the next day’s shopping trip putting me at danger from Whamageddon ? I didn’t go out on that trip but did go out on the 11th putting the bins out while someone was playing the accursed tune in a car!

Cycle “Adventures” on YouTube
Cycle “Adventures” on Odysee

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