Cycle “Adventures” Volume 163

Some things I want to draw attention to in this video.

In the very first clip (I’m on my foldable bike) the cars just barged through using their weight to force me to stop even though (as I didn’t have to cross the centre line) I had right of way. I call it bullying when any driver uses the weight of the vehicle to force their way through. The only comeback will involve damage or injury and you can bet they they’d get really upset if the same was done to them! On this occasion I was on my way home after dropping off a Transit sized car I’d had for 3 days. At no time did I behave impatiently during this time and I managed to get to my destination every time without stress!

Bus drivers passing when there’s a stop just ahead really get by back up. The one seen here does it at a stop which effectively blocks my safe path through the double set of traffic lights, thus my outburst. I manage to squeeze though this time but it’s a bloody arrogant thing to do!

Now for these new cycle lanes. They are a good thing but as you can see here they bring other challenges to experienced riders. There’s a reason I avoid shared cycle paths / pedestrian walkways and that’s because I tend to ride at an average speed of around 12mph (19km.h) and pedestrians tend to move around without much warning. We see the same here with the children (no faces shown). As you see I didn’t rush it and never will but it is something we’re going to have to adapt to. Safer yes, but in some cases slower.

The last thing I want to bring attention to is the woman on her phone still in dressing gown and slippers. This isn’t the issue though, even though the van driver thought he was being nice he was actually being potentially very dangerous. He only has control of his own vehicle and has no say in any other vehicle on the road. The same applies to those on 2 lane roads that stop to let a vehicle turn right across their path without noticing the other vehicle passing at 30mph in the other lane. Bear this in mine, it’s not courteous, it’s bloody dangerous!

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Updating My 9 Year Old Code

Warning, lots of geeky words in this article!

New links for the next few months at work have been published. I tidy up the spreadsheets and make them available to all drivers at the depot.
I then port the sheet to my custom sheet so I can use my Python program to convert csv to iCal for import into my calendar.

This time I decided to create a template for customised dated sheets for all, and to convert my program to a Windows executable. This is were the problems started.

I installed Python in Windows (easy). Then I tried to install PyQt4 (the UI framework) that my 9 year old code uses.
It’s deprecated.
No install candidate for any version of Python I can get for Windows.
So I try to use PyQt5 instead.


About 80% of the library calls have changed!(edited)
Most were simple, change from QtGui to QtWidgets.
One was dropped completely (softkey).
The last one was the file request. It used to return a single string, now it returns a list!
This means the variable is now the wrong type, but actually quite simple to fix, just use variable[0] instead of just variable. I did manage to get all that done and get the program running in native Python. Quite pleased with that.

Then converted the program.
It does work, but…
…because it’s unsigned, Microsoft Defender doesn’t like it, and you have to jump through hoops to get it to run!

Fucking Windows! XD
So much easier to just use Python directly, even in Windows!
I wanted to make it as simple as possible but as simple as possible still requires some decent computer aptitude! Ah well 😉

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Goodbye LBRY Hello Odysee

What started as LBRY is now Odysee. It’s still the decentralised system it started out as and all accounts have been transparently transferred but (and this is the reason for this post) all my past lbry embeds are now invalid. I’ve edited back as far as Cycle “Adventures” Volume 150 but seriously can’t be arsed doing the rest… and I’m not installing a plugin to do the job for me!

I’m sure nobody reads back that far anyway so there’s little point in the effort 😉

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 162

I’ve been playing with audio levels in this video. Please let me know what you think.

Getting back to a more normal level of traffic now. Plenty of red light jumpers in this video, both 4 and 2 wheeled! Impatience, as always, is my biggest source of footage.

Music: “Sommarfågel” with end clip “Tornado” by Wintergatan These tracks can be downloaded for free at Free License to use these tracks in your video can be downloaded at

Cycle “Adventures” on YouTube
Cycle “Adventures” on Odysee

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 161

The junction of Mardy Road and New Road in Rumney, Cardiff is probably the most dangerous place I regularly pass. It’s the junction I was knocked off my bike in 2006 and frequently features in my videos. It’s here again, this time with the aftermath of a collision between cars.

The other stuff here is quite normal but this one stands out for me, and as much as I hate them this junction would benefit massively with the installation of a set of traffic lights!

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Cycle “Adventures” on Odysee

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 160

Following a recent conversation regarding a mobile speed camera and my statement that impatience is the most significant cause of road accidents being refused I decided to count how many clips in this video are being published due to impatience. The results won’t surprise many.

Not a busy one really. It’s been rather tame for the last few weeks, and I’m not going to complain about that!

As for the bus: I did report this to Cardiff Bus because while this was bad enough for the police to be involved with I’d rather it be dealt with in-house. The driver couldn’t even use the lame “I’m running late” excuse because I passed the same bus while it was waiting time on Newport Road. I thought I’d clipped this too but I clipped after I’d passed and then deleted the original (D’OH!).

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 159

12 days worth of clips here and quite the variety; possibly due to the very varied times I was cycling. Some days were very quiet and some were very eventful.

Feel free to leave Buttercup guesses here or in the comments of one of the videos. I shall reveal all in the next instalment!

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C64 RF Modulator Replacement

A few weeks ago I ordered a c0pperdragon replacement for the RF modulator on my C64. I tried to fit it shortly after it arrived but failed to remove the existing RF modulator due to the massive solder blob securing it to the motherboard.

I ordered some new bits for my soldering iron and used this one to see if it would be any better.

It did and here it is removed, in one piece so can be reinstalled if necessary!

The replacement board has been installed.

The result is very much an improvement!

I think I can safely call this a 100% success 🙂

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 158

3 weeks worth of footage. It’s been a bit quiet, relatively speaking, lately. There’s still a lot of impatience (and some audible language), cycle couriers and a couple of stand out clips.

The first beggars belief. If I even tried to pass that close to a cyclist while I had L plates my instructor would have hit the brakes. If this is what new drivers are being taught it’s no wonder token gestures like “Operation Close Pass” are completely ineffective.

The second is a longer clip of a gridlock situation at a junction in the city centre. No idea why it was this bad here but once again impatience is very much in evidence from the positions of many of the vehicles!

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Cycle “Adventures” on Odysee

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 157

I thought this was going to be another Deliveroo special but it seems other things took over.

I normally take primary position (middle of lane) and wait in traffic queues. There’s no rush and patience is more relaxing than trying to squeeze through gaps just to avoid waiting. The trouble is, time after time I get impatient twats passing (often too close) on approach to traffic queues. When this happens I will often, if the opportunity is there to do so safely, pass the queue and move to the front, especially if I know there’s a cycle reserve at the lights. All so often this is occupied too! So frustrating my language often comes out!

We can also see in this video how effective Operation Close Pass has been (TL;DR it’s had no effect). One was so close I was going to send it to the police via their simplified upload service they told me about… which doesn’t seem to exists. It’s still the same over-complicated, unreasonable requirements pile of crap it was the last time I tried. The police just don’t care about cyclists. We’re on our own!

Cycle “Adventures” on YouTube
Cycle “Adventures” on Odysee

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