Cable Modem Woes

For a long time I’ve been having ‘fun’ with the Wi-Fi on my SuperHub 2.0. On boot (or reboot) it would take ages for it to become enabled, then even longer before anything would connect. Devices would just sit there, “Obtaining IP address…” so even though the connection was made, the DHCP negotiation would stall.

There was also a problem with devices that were actually connected, especially PS4s, which kept briefly losing connection to the sound of many curse words from my offspring.

Recently this got so bad I decided to call it in as a fault. It took a lot of going around in circles against a support technician who refused to deviate from a script that just wasn’t relevant to my problem, but finally she said the magic words, “Well the only thing I can suggest is a replacement cable modem”… which is what I’d been asking for from the start!

Today the SuperHub 3.0 arrived. Once activated I set about configuration. First thing I noticed was there is no way to change the LAN facing IP address. Ah well, I can work around that. Then disable WPS and set up my own SSIDs and long PSK keys for both frequencies. I used the same SSIDs as the old modem so no device reconfiguration was necessary.

What a difference! Quick negotiation, fast and reliable connection from all connected devices. I can even screen cast from my phone to Chromecast upstairs!

All I have left to work out is why my SIP phone won’t authorise. I ran out of arsed today, but I’ll work on that in the future. Not important, I only have it because I still have credit on Sipgate 😉

Update: SIP phone fixed. It was still pointing to the old IP address as gateway and DNS server!

So in summary, if you’re having trouble with a SuperHub 2.0, get on the phone. It’s a headache but it’s worth it!

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