I’ve been getting regular headaches again. Paracetamol will shift them but it’s a sign so I thought I’d try something based on what happened to me in the past.

There was an unopened bottle of Beconase in the house, so I tried it yesterday. I know it’s not a quick fix but even so, it helped. My nose was running more often than usual but the headaches subsided.

So, my first impressions than my misshapen sinuses are playing up again appears to be correct. If this works I’ll just keep with the Beconase and not bother the overworked doctors 🙂

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I'm a train driver from Cardiff, have been married a long time and have 4 wonderful kids... all grown up now! Warning: I tend to lose The Game a lot.
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  1. Mr Arse says:

    Putting cheese and bacon up yer hooter.

    Yer barking.

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