Highlights From A Trip To London

Me, Jane and the two eldest offspring took a trip to London on Thursday 8th August.
First major outing with the wheelchair for Jane! That was an experience in itself.

We stayed at the Royal Scot Travelodge in Kings Cross. Booked in, went to the room, it was as far into a corner dungeon as you can imagine! The doorway was partially blocked by the wall so it was impossible to get the wheelchair in without folding it. Went back to reception and room was changed to something far better on the ground floor.
No hand soap near the sink but soap in the shower so made do and informed reception. We got food from the chicken place across the road from the hotel. Better that the big chains and better value any day!

At 00:30 there was a knock on the door. Jane nudged me because I was fast asleep. It was security asking who we were. I told them. 5 minutes later they were back asking for proof of booking. There was a mix up with the rooms and we were booked into the room next door. Someone else booked in and couldn’t get into the room. I was a bit pissed off about this, but left it at that.

Morning time: took a shower… which was like standing under a tap because the shower head didn’t spread well. Offspring saw a mouse in their room the first night. They were offered a move but declined because it didn’t show again.

On the way out I reminded reception about the lack of soap and off we went. Breakfast at the cafe nearby then bus to the London Eye. After the Eye, we went around the Sea Life exhibition, which was most enjoyable.

Got back to the hotel, still no soap and now, no hand towels. Informed reception again and was given a hand towel. Evening food was at the nearby Italian restaurant, which I do recommend.

Second night was undisturbed. Breakfast at the same cafe and then bus to Madame Tussaud’s. Joined the queue at the appropriate time and was advised to fast track because we had the wheelchair, only yo be told we had to book specially for a wheelchair and the next opening was in 2 hours time. Sod that, I put the wheelchair in the room provided and Jane walked. Slow going but managed. It was a good job too. A wheelchair would have been a nightmare with all the stairs!

Then the part I wasn’t looking forward to. Shopping on Oxford Street. So much ignorance and impatience. Getting the wheelchair around was awkward to say the least. I was glad when that was over!

Back to the hotel and food from the chicken place again. Pub was full of football fans so bought beer from the shop and took that back to the hotel. Still no soap. Mouse made another appearance but too late to change now.

Sunday, booked out but left 10 cases at the hotel while we made our way to the Imperial War Museum for lunch with an old school friend, Cliff. That was not good value, and Cliff’s wife’s meal never appeared. We told the counter staff where we were sat and they said they would call. I stated we were probably out of earshot and they said they’d find us. They didn’t.

We were here last year but Harry wasn’t so that’s the reason for the return visit and the reason there aren’t many photos.

Back to the hotel for the luggage, which was easier than I expected to handle, walked to Kings Cross Underground. Waited there for a while before heading to Victoria Coach station. A few beers at the Traveller’s Tavern and an uneventful trip home. All in all an enjoyable time despite the off bits 🙂

Photo Album from the trip.

42 Minutes of uncommented video!

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