[Expletive Deleted]

Cycling to work yesterday I notice a missed call from my wife. My phone is kept in an arm mount while cycling, so I pulled onto the pavement, took it out of the mount to call back in case it was urgent.

It was just a delivery (next post) but the trouble started when I went to put the phone back in the mount. It slipped. It was balancing on my lap but when I tried to grab it, it fell to the floor. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem but because it’s now unprotected I noticed something when I picked it up 🙁

It’s still 100% functional but I don’t know how long it’ll stay that way. At first I ordered a screen protector but later did some searching and found a replacement screen, which appears to include the panel, for under £40. The panel means it’ll just mean moving the innards from the cracked part to the new part without any awkward heat gun procedures.

That’s due on Wednesday and as I’m off for the week I’ll have the time to fix it. In the meantime, extra care will be needed!

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  1. Ponder says:

    Screen has arrived. I’ll replace it later and compile a new post.

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