Cycle “Adventures” Volume 145

Not as busy as usual, but should have had a few more at the end. More about that later. In the first clip we see a guy on a bike (I refuse to call them cyclists unless they follow the rules) jumping a red light. The pavement is a shared cycle path. He could have used that and not had to jump the red, which is something I’m often tempted to do, but I tend to stick to the roads and follow the Highway Code.

In this video we also see a highly amusing advertising board. Thanks to the Snowflake Society we live in it’s been deemed as racist and has to be removed (but was still there last time I passed). I don’t see it as targeting more than a single person, and I’ve seen far, far worse on prime time TV, but there we go.

As for the missing clips, I was on my way to work when 10 minutes into the journey I realised I’d forgotten my work pass. I phoned in to make sure I would be OK being a little late and no issues there, so I went back to get it, but this meant the crap battery I had in the camera wasn’t going to last so I had to change the camera battery on my way in. I took it out of my backpack at one set of lights and put it in my pocket, but when I went to retrieve said battery at the next set, it had fallen out. I could not find it. Tried to recharge at work but it wasn’t having any of it so no footage on the way home and missed a bus cutting me up and a taxi jumping a red light.

Anyway, I’ve ordered 3 x genuine GoPro batteries which were £20 each but as I pay for the GoPro premium services I paid less than £14 each for them. Enough of the waffle, on with the show!

Cycle “Adventures” on YouTube
Cycle “Adventures” on LBRY

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