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I tidied up the computer corner today. Now I know that a tidy desk is the sign of a disturbed mind but it had to be done! Honestly! It was so bad I couldn’t even see the printer 😉 At … Continue reading

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SuSE and POP3

I was asked by a friend of mine to help his get POP3 working on his server. No problems, I think, takes 5 mins. I was wrong. I knew it was going to take some thought when I noticed it … Continue reading

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Just finished a week of really early shifts and am just starting to recover. I’m actually getting fed up of pre 5am starts. Although I never oversleep I feel completely frelled by the weekend which is why I haven’t put … Continue reading

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Run Rabbit Run

Misty found a gap in the fence the other day. We were all sarching the hidden nooks and crannies out our garden when Ceri, from the upstairs window, spotted her in next door’s garden. Anyway, we called in and got … Continue reading

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Phew, That Was Close!

My mother-in-law has trouble walking any distance so when her local Post Office closed she was unable to get to the next nearest so I get her weekly pension for her and take it to her house. Yesterday I had … Continue reading

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Cardiff – City of Lights?

I’ve often wondered why the traffic lights in Cardiff are so poorly synchronised that more time is spent at a stand than on the move but I think I now know the reason: there’re so many of the damned things! … Continue reading

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Cycling on Pavements

It’s not a habit of mine, in fact about the only thing that’ll get me to ride on the pavement is when some ignorant Newport Bus driver decides to pull past me and pull as close to the kerb as … Continue reading

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Well from some word that just occurred to me while I was driving a train a couple of weeks ago, to a conversation on IRC during my break to lots of work by Shell and has been launched. I … Continue reading

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I saw thumbnails in action on another WordPress based site I now help to admin and wondered why mine didn’t have the option. A bit of digging and I found out it was all to do with libgd, so I … Continue reading

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Roll of Tosserdom – Part 1

Although there have been a few previous, this is the first since I started this blog so the driver of a silver Ford Focus, registration number FY06 ZSG gets the dubious ‘honour’ of being the first recorded tosser on my … Continue reading

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