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Bloody Vikings!

So spambots can seemingly easily bypass Captcha and email verification. For this reason, any new user registration will need to be authorised manually. If you’re somebody I don’t know and you genuinely want to register, let me know via any … Continue reading

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G+ Archives – A Change of Mind

I’ve thought about it and decided what I’ve posted on G+ in the last 5 years contains some good memories, but they’re not worth the cost of backup and import, so when G+ dies, so do those posts. I’ve learned … Continue reading

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Registration Spam

Today I was made aware of a new (to me) form of spam: User Registration Spam. I’ve now installed a plugin to handle new account verification. Any problems, please let me know. New login / registration links are now below … Continue reading

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Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam… not a Viking in sight!

The spam checker seems to be working well so far. 11 out of 11 spam comments caught since I enabled comments. I’m happy with that so public comments are looking promising 🙂

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Demise of Google+

Given the imminent demise of Google+, the lack of trust I have in Faecebook and my doubts of any social media platform managing to stay alive I’ve decided to pay more attention my this, my blog. I have full control … Continue reading

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C64 Cruising on Broadway Development – Part 16

Last week I got to work transposing the music from the Gameboy game Choplifter II (Level 1) to 3 voices suitable for coding to the SID chip. That done I had 7 days at work in a row with very … Continue reading

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Still Alive!

Just saying 😉 After a rush of shit to the brain, and following another site’s report that they got hacked through WordPress, I decided to give my blogs a bit of attention. Not much attention, but they’re now up to … Continue reading

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More Neglect!

I’m doing most bloggy things on G+ because it’s faster and easier… so why not go visit? My Google+ Page

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I’ve been neglecting this site lately in favour of social media but I’m going to post some updates later.  Mainly pets in and out but maybe some other stuff. Depends on time 🙂

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Say Hello To Bluebell

This is Bluebell, chosen and named by my eldest daughter Ceri. I was going to leave the photo until tomorrow but I saw her so still on the top level of her cage and totally unresponsive when I picked her … Continue reading

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