Cycle “Adventures” Volume 128

Only 4 days worth so a bit shorter than normal. No shortage of cockwombles though!

I have a new camera. Finally splashed out on a GoPro Hero 8 Black. Excellent camera but no way to add timestamps. Admittedly this is a bit disappointing for such a quality camera but I’m sure I’ll live.

I’ve recoded it for the LBRY version, mostly as suggested by the client (though still 1080p). Let me know if you see much difference, and if not I’ll change my default render settings.


Click here for LBRY version.

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Wedding Day Photos

While looking for something else I stumbled across my wedding photos, so I decided to scan them all and create my first gallery attached to WordPress. I’m using the Foogallery plugin, which is far less featured than the Gallery solution I used before but the best of a limited bunch.

It was a sunny day on Saturday August 5th 1989 that I married my first and only love, Jane. I’ve grouped the photos as best I can into 5 sections (plus the featured photo).

First the photos taken before the wedding at St. John’s Church in Canton, Cardiff
Next those after the wedding, outside the church.
Then we move to Thompson’s Park in Cardiff.
Finally the reception at the Transport Club on Garth Street, which is now a car park.
P.S. are 3 photos that are damaged so I cropped out most of the damage for inclusion in this gallery.

Some key photos have captions to mark sections.

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User Registration

I’ve made user registration a bit easier, though totally non-standard, which I hope will keep the spambots at bay. No need for a Captcha any more, just click the link under Blogroll to the right.

I’ll keep playing when I notice things are not working as I want and actively monitoring any new registrations.

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Amiga 1200 Memory Expansion Repair

The other day I reassembled my Amiga 1200 in readiness for it to be sent away for replacing the capacitors (recapping). I took out the memory expansion and gave it a good look over. It appeared to have had a battery connector snipped off, and prior experimentation led me to the conclusion it does have a realtime clock (RTC) fitted.

After some investigation I confirmed that one of the chips was indeed an RTC chip. I looked up the schematic, and tested the continuity between that chip’s GND pin and what I believed to be the battery -ve pin and it confirmed true, so I went on eBay and ordered a fresh connector that looked like should fit… well 3 for 99p + £1 postage. Bloody cheap!

Today I desoldered the mess left by the removal of the old battery connector (which while messy probably saved the card from leakage damage), soldered in the new connector (it fit perfectly) and slid in a battery.

Full Card on Appropriate Mouse Mat

Some testing in the Amiga confirms the job’s a good ‘un! Such a simple fix and much cheaper than a new RTC module 🙂

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SQRL Support

This site now has preliminary support for SQRL login and registration.

I’ve tested login, and linking to existing accounts, but I don’t know if registration works with new accounts yet, because I only have one SQRL identity 😉

Anyway, the login option is to the right, under Blogroll.

Update: registration doesn’t work because it conflicts with my anti-spambot measures, but you can link a SQRL login to your existing account as stated.

(Not that many people want to register anyway, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to add for a while) 😉

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Server Migration Complete!

In January I had a notification from my VPS (Virtual Private Server) provider OVH, telling me that the VPS platform mine was hosted on was being retired on April 30th 2020. They offered 6 months free on the newer platform but migration had to be done manually. This pissed me off beyond belief because I know what’s involved with a full server migration!

There was a slight issue with setting up the replacement to start with but that was quickly resolved.

I’ve been putting it off for a while, deliberately waiting until this week because I’m off work. So this week arrives and I have little choice due to time constraints but now I face another problem: I feel like shit!

It wasn’t straightforward. I didn’t expect it to be straightforward, but I solved all the issues that gave me some severe headaches and now the migration is (provisionally) complete. This is coming from the new server! It took over 7 hours!

I’m keeping the old one active for now, until I’m happy this migration is really complete and I haven’t missed something in the process. Now where’s that LemSip?

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 127

Things seem to follow themes in these videos; I don’t know why, but this volume’s theme is the return of the paint scrapers.

There’s always the overriding theme of impatience. I think if people were more patient on the roads I’d have very little to show.

There will be a bit of a break before the next cycle video because I have a week off work 🙂


Link to LBRY version.

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 126

A lot of impatience rears its ugly head in this video, and a new (to me) danger is becoming apparent: corner cutters in the small hours!

One clip here stands out as a bit unusual for me, and relates to the recent news regarding the BBC license fee. I’d hate to think how much of this they’re wasting on that active display advertising their most popular programme!

Any road up, on with the show. Enjoy!


Still waiting for WordPress to support LBRY embeds, but until then…

Cycle “Adventures” Volume 126 on LBRY

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USB Arcade Joystick – Complete!

The spade – spade connections weren’t very secure so out came the soldering iron. I definitely need a better one because it took ages to get the brass spades up to temperature, but it all came together in the end. Tested on Vice and MAME, and it all works! 😀

I Did Say It Wouldn’t Be Pretty 😉
Fully Assembled Without USB Lead Fitted.
Fully Assembled With USB Lead Fitted


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USB Arcade Joystick Project

Last week I purchased a custom USB joystick interface, and with the Amiga I had a broken Kempston style joystick (cable torn/bitten/cut) so this morning I did some testing.

It won’t be tidy (until I can find a way to pack it all in the same case) but today I’m going to build a 2 button joystick compatible with emulators such as Vice, UAE and MAME! 🙂

Parts Before Assembly

The spades supplied won’t fit the switches of the joystick, but they will fit the spades of the old joystick, so that’s a ready made adaptor 😉

Watch this space!

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