LEGO™ International Space Station

Some years ago I submitted this to LEGO™ Ideas but it was rejected. Imagine my surprise when a short while back I saw it released. I had nothing to do with the actual release but I was still happy. I just couldn’t afford/justify it for ages. Last week I finally decided to treat myself.

It arrived Wednesday.

Today was my first day off since its arrival. I had the box on the table behind me and when one of our cats (Lilly) knocked it off the table I decided now was the time. Here are photos of progress.

Stage 1
Spares After Stage 1 (Including Brick Splitter)
Stage 2
Spares After Stage 2
Stage 3
Spares After Stage 3
Stage 4 – Beginning To Take Shape
Spares After Stage 4
Stage 5 – It’s Bigger Than I Expected!
Spares After Stage 5

Here I took a short break to change the bedding, as promised. Only one stage to go and here’s the final result!

Complete Build – 864 Pieces

Total time of build from start to finish, including break: 2 hours 30 minutes. It was very straightforward. The instructions were clear with no ambiguity 🙂

Now I just have to hope its current location is safe from the cats! ???

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 153

Well what a change!

No shortage of clips this last period. Plenty of idiots, including a lot of red jumping cycles and an arrogance shown by many bullies in metal shells that’s going to kill someone; probably sooner rather than later!

No point in reporting any of this to the police, they really don’t care, so I’ll just keep publishing these videos to make at least a small portion of the population what we face, even when we stick to the rules of the road!

Cycle “Adventures” on YouTube
Cycle “Adventures” on Odysee

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 152

Three weeks worth of clips but not a huge amount going on. A combination of early starts, late finishes, days off and rain (lots of rain) the roads were mostly quiet.

We do still see some idiots, especially impatience, paint scrapers and shock of all shocks, an Audi passing safely, actually using an outer lane before pulling in! Kudos given to that driver.

Cycle “Adventures” on YouTube
Cycle “Adventures” on Odysee

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 151

Delayed due to shortage of clippable events! Note: this is not a bad thing. (I like being safe) 😉

Plenty of impatience and close passes… and on that subject what is it about Audi drivers and their complete lack of distance judgement? I’m sure if I were to collate all the close passes, Audi drivers would be top of the list (followed closely by BMW drivers… probably about 6cm).

The next one might also be delayed (ie. in three weeks time). This is due to booked days off and possible “spare from home” days where I might not have to go in to work. Watch this space for the next exciting episode… who am I kidding? 😉

Cycle “Adventures” on YouTube
Cycle “Adventures” on Odysee

Music: “Sommarfågel” with end clip “Tornado” by Wintergatan
These tracks can be downloaded for free at
Free License to use these tracks in your video can be downloaded at

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 150

Back with new music for a new year!

OK the first couple of clips are still from the old, knackered year but this is still the first video of 2021 😉 Roads are definitely quieter, with a few exceptions, and I feel much safer now. Still a few dickheads out there though as you can see… especially the very last clip which was deliberate and unnecessary antagonistic behaviour at 1am on virtually empty roads while approaching a red light!

The last day of clip opportunities was very busy on the roads with absolutely no sign of lockdown. However, even with the volume of traffic everyone was well behaved and the day gave no clipworthy events, proving motorised vehicles and cycles can get along without animosity!

The last few days have been very cold, but thanks to good clothing I barely feel it! Those gloves were probably the best cycling purchase I’ve ever made because the days of painful fingers at this time of year are no more 😀

Anyway, onwards and upwards. Hope you like the new music 🙂

Cycle “Adventures” on YouTube
Cycle “Adventures” on Odysee

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 149

My ultimate cycle video of 2020 and it’s a cockwomble extravaganza! I hate December on the roads and this year is no exception. I really don’t feel safe. My anger and frustration is prominent in many clips and my stress levels are through the roof. I just wish people in motor vehicles saw that cycles have actual people on them and are not just inconveniences to push out of the way!

This is also the last video to use the S4C Clockwork Dragon music. My next video will feature music from Wintergatan and is expected around the 8th of January.


Cycle “Adventures” on YouTube
Cycle “Adventures” on LBRY

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 148

It’s that most wonderful time of the year! Even with heavy restrictions traffic is still mad in December, as is clearly demonstrated in this video! I’m not exactly on top form myself so I can be seen (and heard) getting agitated by it all.

I also had fun while creating this video. I added the final clips, saved then went to review and kdenlive crashed. I reloaded to be presented with an autosave recovery prompt, which I discarded because I’d just saved, but it turned out that the save file was corrupt and I had to start again! Thankfully all the text I’d written was in the save file so it only took around an hour to rebuild the video. Still a pain in the arse!

Just one more video left this year, then the new year will herald new music! I now have a license to use Wintergatan’s music which I’ll be putting to good use here 🙂

Cycle “Adventures” on YouTube
Cycle “Adventures” on LBRY

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YouTube Copyright Claim Bollocks!

It was my Twitch stream of the old Tehkan arcade game Star Force from 1984.

The whole video has been blocked for 1 minute and 53 seconds of VIDEO (not audio) from almost an hour of almost identical gameplay. This is complete bollocks and I’ve disputed the claim. The YouTube content matching AI is drunk and needs to piss off!

Anyway, this is the full Twitch stream, uncut:

Also, and I’m aware this does break Twitch T&Cs but I’m hardly a high value streamer and this has seriously pissed me off, YouTube isn’t the only content sharing platform out there. This video is the same as uploaded to YouTube (scheduled for publication at 7pm – 24 hours after the stream) but hosted on LBRY/Odysee. Also, it takes up to 30 days to clear this bollocks!

Regular visitors will know I’ve been using LBRY for months. It really is a good alternative to YouTube. It does host some questionable content because it’s basically unmoderated by design, but we’re all human and we can choose to give that shit a miss. I fully recommend it to content creators, even as a backup (or for cases like this). It will automatically sync from YouTube if you don’t want the hassle of uploading twice so worthwhile giving a go.

I’ve put this is both the Negatives and Positives categories because while it’s a Negative against YouTube it’s a Positive towards LBRY/Odysee. Odysee is the more web friendly interface to the LBRY platform, go check it out!

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 147

Starts and ends with paint scrapers and while shorter than usual has a very high level of ignorance, impatience and arrogance!

Oh and rain. Lots of rain. Did I mention the rain? I’m so glad I’m not soluble!

Starting from Volume 150 I’m going to be experimenting with different music. I’ve got a licence to use Wintergatan music on my channel so I’ll have a listen to all the licensed music before deciding what to use. Watch (or rather listen) to this space.

Cycle “Adventures” on YouTube
Cycle “Adventures” on LBRY

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This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things!

It’s not very often I post negative things here but this one is regarding the very platform I’m using to show you this crap and the recent increase of hackers targeting WordPress.

Well most, if not all, of the hacks are for plugins. Most of these hacks are quickly patched but some are abandoned and some admins aren’t vigilant and don’t keep their installations updated!

I’m not naive, I know I’m not invulnerable, but this is a very slim installation of WordPress with very few plugins (none of which have been knowingly hacked yet) and kept up to date. If it ever does get hacked though I’ll sadly have to discontinue this blog. Hopefully I can stay on top of it and not let anything through between frequent updates. Such a pity that hackers have to get their dirty hands into just about every tiny corner, nook and cranny on the Internet. Sad fact of life.

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