I tried making fudge today. Failed.

Even on maximum heat, I’m unable to get the temperature above 110°C. It needs to get to 116°C or it won’t set.

I started on a low heat to melt the butter and dissolve the sugar, upped the heat when the temperature stopped rising and it was great up to about 108°C, lovely and smooth, but then the heat rise slowed to a crawl, even though the cooker was as maximum, and a significant amount burned to the bottom of the pan as I kept the heat up for longer than I should in the vain hope of getting the required temperature.

The final result is very soft. Really, really sticky. Tastes great though!

Any tips on increasing the temperature while keeping a thermometer in the pan will be greatly appreciated. Preferably without burning a large amount to the pan in the process.

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This Took Too Long

I finally got around to making a couple of Ingress Resistance animated “badges” in readiness for the Bristol event next month. A bit of a hack job with the cases, and would probably improve with practice; cut with a cheapo Dremel clone tool. The battery case is a cut down Arduino Nano box with the wires threaded through the sides, hot glued in and folded down after solder tinning. It works quite well really! I just wish I could have found smaller switches but no matter.

A Clean Desk Is The Sign Of A Disturbed Mind!
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More Success!

Fixed 99% of the problems. I ordered a new flex cable, which arrived this morning, and fitted that more carefully, re-seated the fingerprint sensor and the rear panel clipped into place more easily than yesterday, and is now cleanly fitting. The only problem I have is actually within the screen itself, which is that the notification LED is very dim, but I can live with that.

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Success! (Mostly)

Replacement volume/power flex cable fitted. Not an easy task, not perfect but working 100%! For how long I don’t know, but as long as it lasts until Mid April, when I can get a replacement, I’ll be happy 😉

Power on!
Fully assembled! 🙂
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That Was Quick!

Replacement part for my phone arrived this morning. I’m going to get some double sided tape before fitting!

Top is the new part, bottom is the old, broken part.

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Sod It and Buggery! (Figuratively)

Today my replacement screen arrived. I got down to replacing it.

Front of New Screen
Rear of New Screen
All In Bits
All Back Together

I tested it at this point and it was all working! 🙂
The only problem was the buttons wouldn’t stick down. I tried replacing the back panel, pushing the buttons on the cable in as I was pushing. Big mistake I broke the power button! 😱

Replacement on order. Expected Saturday. Until then I’m without my trusty OnePlus 3 🙁

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New Toy

“So what was the phone call about?” I hear you ask (I have very good hearing for things like this) 😉

This had arrived. It’s a Bluetooth controller I’ve seen used in a Mamemeister video for playing via emulators on an Android device, but it’s far more versatile that that. Tested wired up to my computer, with a C64 emulator on my (cracked) phone and Mame4Droid on said phone. It takes a bit of configuration but it’s a decent bit of kit. Apparently it’ll even work with the Nintendo Switch!

No time to really play until Monday but I’ll be putting it through its paces from then 😉

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[Expletive Deleted]

Cycling to work yesterday I notice a missed call from my wife. My phone is kept in an arm mount while cycling, so I pulled onto the pavement, took it out of the mount to call back in case it was urgent.

It was just a delivery (next post) but the trouble started when I went to put the phone back in the mount. It slipped. It was balancing on my lap but when I tried to grab it, it fell to the floor. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem but because it’s now unprotected I noticed something when I picked it up 🙁

It’s still 100% functional but I don’t know how long it’ll stay that way. At first I ordered a screen protector but later did some searching and found a replacement screen, which appears to include the panel, for under £40. The panel means it’ll just mean moving the innards from the cracked part to the new part without any awkward heat gun procedures.

That’s due on Wednesday and as I’m off for the week I’ll have the time to fix it. In the meantime, extra care will be needed!

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Cable Modem Woes

For a long time I’ve been having ‘fun’ with the Wi-Fi on my SuperHub 2.0. On boot (or reboot) it would take ages for it to become enabled, then even longer before anything would connect. Devices would just sit there, “Obtaining IP address…” so even though the connection was made, the DHCP negotiation would stall.

There was also a problem with devices that were actually connected, especially PS4s, which kept briefly losing connection to the sound of many curse words from my offspring.

Recently this got so bad I decided to call it in as a fault. It took a lot of going around in circles against a support technician who refused to deviate from a script that just wasn’t relevant to my problem, but finally she said the magic words, “Well the only thing I can suggest is a replacement cable modem”… which is what I’d been asking for from the start!

Today the SuperHub 3.0 arrived. Once activated I set about configuration. First thing I noticed was there is no way to change the LAN facing IP address. Ah well, I can work around that. Then disable WPS and set up my own SSIDs and long PSK keys for both frequencies. I used the same SSIDs as the old modem so no device reconfiguration was necessary.

What a difference! Quick negotiation, fast and reliable connection from all connected devices. I can even screen cast from my phone to Chromecast upstairs!

All I have left to work out is why my SIP phone won’t authorise. I ran out of arsed today, but I’ll work on that in the future. Not important, I only have it because I still have credit on Sipgate 😉

Update: SIP phone fixed. It was still pointing to the old IP address as gateway and DNS server!

So in summary, if you’re having trouble with a SuperHub 2.0, get on the phone. It’s a headache but it’s worth it!

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 96

Here, for your delight and astonishment at the standard of road usage, is my latest collection of clips from my regular commute to and from work.

Amazingly, even though it snowed during this period, nothing unusual actually happened! I could upload a snow video if there’s any interest, but it’s really non-eventful.

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