I’ve been getting regular headaches again. Paracetamol will shift them but it’s a sign so I thought I’d try something based on what happened to me in the past.

There was an unopened bottle of Beconase in the house, so I tried it yesterday. I know it’s not a quick fix but even so, it helped. My nose was running more often than usual but the headaches subsided.

So, my first impressions than my misshapen sinuses are playing up again appears to be correct. If this works I’ll just keep with the Beconase and not bother the overworked doctors 🙂

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Archive Complete

I finally managed to get Google Takeout to archive all my G+ history, so I have it saved for prosperity.

I’ve also changed links on here and my main home page to remove the link to G+ and replace it with my Soundcloud page.

From now until its death, anything I post to G+ will not be missed when it’s all gone. I’ve made a lot of good contacts through that platform and will miss it, but the time has come to move on. I won’t stop posting there until I can no longer do so, but as I have been doing, anything I want to keep, goes here.

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Ingress – The Post That Started It All

Since this post will vanish on or soon after April 2nd this year, I have it here for prosperity.

Ingress – the game that’s taken up so much of my life in the last 5 years, started for me as a trending topic on Google+ and got me intrigued. At the time it was invite only, and people were getting invited for posting things to G+ related to Ingress. This is the post that got me that invite!

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New User Spam

Hah! Got you!

I finally figured out how spambots are getting past my registration checks. The default login URL was active even though the option was hidden. Not any more 😉

User base now cleaned up to those I know are genuine. Fresh users starts now.

Simple registration is available for anyone who wants to create an account for commenting. I’m not going to make more complex changes, eg. allowing full customisation of profile, because it’s not necessary and may fall under GDPR, which I don’t really want. Just a username and email address so you can self verify and reset password of necessary. You should never get any other email from this blog and if you do, let me know so I can stop it.

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Best Android C64 Emulator

Watching one of Mamemeister’s latest videos he mentioned a series of emulators by Robert Broglia. I decided to give his C64 emulator a go. Not free, £2.99, but I’ve tried it with a few things so far and it performs so well it’s worth the meagre cost!

Tried with: My own game: Cruising on Broadway, LMan’s Vortex demo: highlighting a tune that I’ve yet to hear accurately emulated on any other Android emulator / SID Player and two TAP files, Sanxion and Quedex. Flawless.

You can find it >> here << 🙂

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Bloody Vikings!

So spambots can seemingly easily bypass Captcha and email verification. For this reason, any new user registration will need to be authorised manually. If you’re somebody I don’t know and you genuinely want to register, let me know via any other means of contact or I’ll just hit the Deny button.

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ntl.talk Party August 2009 (Test Footage)

Today I decided to wake up my old (by today’s standards) Panasonic SDR-H40 camcorder. It’s not HD but has a 40GB HDD built in and a 42x optical zoom. After finding the correct cables I connected it to my computer and pulled all the video from it. I had a look at what I’d got and decided this would be an ideal test subject for the video quality when published online.

This is from the ntl.talk party in Warrington on August 22nd 2009. Almost 10 years ago! It certainly brings back some memories 😀

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 95

I keep making these. People keep doing daft things on the road so I have to! 😉

There’s actually a kudos in this video. Also a clear reason I don’t use shared cycle paths. Pedestrians give less thought to them than road traffic and they’re often far, far more dangerous than the roads, especially at the speeds I ride.

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G+ Archives – A Change of Mind

I’ve thought about it and decided what I’ve posted on G+ in the last 5 years contains some good memories, but they’re not worth the cost of backup and import, so when G+ dies, so do those posts.

I’ve learned from the experience though, and I’m now fully committed (not that way though maybe I should be 😉 ) to posting everything I want to keep (and even stuff that’s just bollocks) on here. Here’s to a positive future 🙂

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Registration Spam

Today I was made aware of a new (to me) form of spam: User Registration Spam.

I’ve now installed a plugin to handle new account verification. Any problems, please let me know.

New login / registration links are now below the header photo.

I admit, it needs work. That needs time. I don’t have that yet but it will improve 😉

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