Cycle “Adventures” Volume 107

It’s not all bad this time! Plenty of close passes (as usual) including one that was so close a slight wobble from me would have meant a clip, but also some people getting it right!

I only realised after rendering that the guy at 5:30 has an ankle tag fitted Γ°ΕΈΛœβ€š

Cycle “Adventures” Volume 107
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Cycle To Work Means New Bike!

This is a Carrera Intercity folding bike I’ve taken possessions of via the Cycle To Work scheme. It won’t replace my Escape 1 as primary transport but will be great for occasional use in cases where the main bike is impractical πŸ™‚

I ordered it Monday, Wednesday I received a missed call from Halfords so called them back and booked a built pickup today. On my way home from work to pick it up I got a phone call asking when I’d like it built for pickup!

I got to Halfords expecting to be taking home a box, but the shop tech was already building it, because it’s not a complex build at all so only took about 20 minutes.

So I got to ride it home. Very strange at first but as it’s designed to be adjustable on the fly I soon had it set up as I like it. Slight problem with gear changes but nothing major, and I did a bit of Ingress on the way home too.

On arriving home, I fitted lights, The Hornit (after removing the bell) a camera mount and a cycle computer. I’m not too happy with the latter, it’s open to interference so shows 56mph at a stand, but it was only a cheap one to get started. I’ll get a better one soonΓ’β€žΒ’.

The Hornit (my 140dB bell replacement) will now fit on all three of my bikes very quickly. I feel more comfortable with that fitted than a bell πŸ˜‰

Carrera Intercity (Grey)
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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 106

106 episodes are still going strong!

As per the video description, I’m hardened to all but the closest of close passes but I’m going to show all due to how frequent an issue this is. One day that law on close passing, promised for 2019, will come into effect. Not that I believe it’ll make the slightest bit of difference.

Also we see a woman on her phone, at night, in the rain, walk out into the road while looking at her phone. The button had slipped wasn’t where I expected it to be when I went to sound The Hornit but I still managed to notice and steer around. I don’t want to be brought to blame for someone else’s idiocy!

On a brighter note, 2 kudos given in this episode! I don’t think I’ve given 2 before in a single video! I actually prefer to show this than bad driving, but sadly the latter far outweighs consideration, especially towards cyclists.

Cycle “Adventures” Volume 106.
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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 105

What a day!

9 clips with 1 day to go before 2 days off, which is a good time to upload a new video because I have 7 days work in a row when I go back. 9 clips would be too short but today was special… and enough idiots and twats showed up to give me another 12 show and tell opportunities and make the video worth uploading!

Cycle “Adventures” Volume 105
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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 104

It it any surprise that both the bullies mentioned in this video are driving Volvos?
The twat that caused me to blaspheme passed very close, very deliberately. I have absolutely no doubt about it from the piss taking thumb up he gave as I passed. He had nowhere to go but to the queue of traffic stopped at the lights so had no need to pass at all, yet he did so close that a less experienced cyclist may have come a cropper.

Even if you don’t do as I do, a camera is a great help if something actually did happen.

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Quickshot II

A few days ago I bought a Quickshot II joystick for my C64 from eBay. Today it arrived.

I knew it wasn’t going to be fully working, as advertised, because when I opened the box, two triangular pieces of metal were found loose. (One fell on the floor and I took a while to realise).

Part of a button

Sure enough, when I tested the joystick, neither fire button worked. I had one of these at hand and attempted to refit it. First time it was like the button was continually pressed. I realised I had seated this piece wrong, fixed my mistake and tried again. That worked and I had one working button.

Then I noticed the second piece. A bit more screwdriver and fiddling later and…

Both buttons fixed
Mini PCBs back in place
Joystick reassembled!

…now I have a fully working joystick! πŸ˜€

I did leave positive feedback but sent the seller a message telling him that a less technical person may have not been able to repair this and returned it as not working. I don’t give up that easily πŸ˜‰

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 103

Most things I shrug off, take in my stride and post to YouTube but these close passes are really getting my goat. One day action might be taken over this shitty act. I can dream, can’t I?

Anyway, on a more humorous note, this video has a special appearance of a human tank! I chuckle every time I see the clip πŸ˜‰

Cycle “Adventures” Volume 103
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Daphne Emulator

Well it took some doing but I finally have the Daphne Lasterdisk Emulator running again on a 64 bit Linux system (Mint 19) with libraries that are too new for the official version πŸ™‚

The Old Classic
Another Old Classic!
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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 102

The theme of this volume is, “Impatience!

So many drivers who have to get in front. So many drivers who think 20cm is enough room. So many drivers who need to get a fucking clue and realise that’s not just an inconvenience ahead of them but a person, an unprotected and vulnerable person to an ignorant bastard in a protected shell!

I’ve kept the video itself language free, but this last week has been very trying, so I’m ranting in here. Now I’ve let off a bit of steam I feel much better!

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One Thousand Three Hundred and Thirty One

I recently watched the (surprisingly good) Ingress Anime series. Something was highlighted in that series which may affect in-game mechanics.

It was stated, and has been mentioned in the lore in the past, that a simulacrum has a maximum lifespan of 1,331 days.

So on the basis of this information, does anyone else think it’s possible, even likely, that agents that have recursed will be forced to do so again after this time?

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