Cycle “Adventures” Volume 123

This time around we have some right crackers. There is very much an impatience theme throughout!

Some highlights are a van driver caught using his mobile phone who needed reminding I was in his way, a complete twat of a truck driver, two close calls on one night that required a change of underwear and a very poor move by an empty bus!

I’m also uploading to LBRY now. The link follows the YouTube link. LBRY videos aren’t post processed so may be better quality.



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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 122

A quiet one this time around, following a chaotic lead up to Christmas.

Still captured a few cockwombles, idiots and inattentives, so no real shortage of “action” 😉

Cycle “Adventures” Volume 122
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8x8x8 LED Cube Complete!

I can’t believe how smoothly this build went. The component board was almost problem free, just the usual socket/IC pin alignment issues but of course untested so I completed one grid, as shown in the previous post, to test and it was working. Good sign so far!

After that I got to work on the grids. Each took about an hour to complete and test, and that was with interruptions. There was momentum involved, once I got into the rhythm it was straightforward, but after the third of the day, fourth in total, I ran out of solder. I had planned to take a break at this point though so that wasn’t a problem. New solder ordered using Amazon Prime.

Solder arrived at a decent time (on a Sunday) so I got to work with the remaining grids. Once all were installed it was time to connect them all together, which meant another 64 joints (don’t get too excited, not that sort of joint) to solder, along with 8 connecting wires. Once connected I tested and noticed a few LEDs not lighting but that took seconds to find and fix the loose solder joint. The result is in the video below. Well worth it and I feel a job well done 🙂

8x8x8 LED Cube Working

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8x8x8 LED Cube Build – WIP!

My Christmas present from my good lady wife this year was a Hobby Components 8x8x8 LED Cube Kit.

Today I started to build it. I was originally going to live stream on Twitch but had a feeling I’d be interrupted a few times during the build and I wasn’t disappointed 😉

I started with the component board according to the instructions here and once that was complete I started on the first of the grids. The build for this was slightly different due to using a supplied 2 row template, but the end result is the same.

Here’s what I have so far:

It’s upside down due to the first grid installed to the board.
The grid side of the board with one grid installed.
Here’s the first test showing 100% success so far.

I’m giving it a rest for today, but will continue to build the remaining 7 grids over the next few days. I’ll post again once complete 🙂

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 121

Last cycle video of the decade!

Not as much going on as I expected given the time of year and extra 2 days of footage, but plenty to see and make fun of.

It’s clear to see that this time of the year brings heavy traffic and a lot of impatience. In some cases it makes you wonder why they bother with road markings at all, especially box junctions!

Anyway, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy New Decade from all the team responsible for bringing you these videos (even those that don’t know it) 😉

Cycle “Adventures” Volume 121

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 120

I’m surprised at how few clips I have this time around. Only 20, which is very low for this time of year when traffic is normally chaotic. It’s very busy, of course, but not much happening worth showing!

I still have a few corkers though, including a very, very close pass and 2 bus drivers not giving Cardiff Bus a good name at all!

For a change I’m happy to end this video on a lighter note too.

The next video will be my last cycle video before Christmas, and will be 9 days worth of footage so may be rather large. We shall see. Watch this space!

Cycle “Adventures” Volume 120
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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 119


This time of year isn’t good for my state of mind, but the almost constant rain is making my, normally mild, S.A.D. a bit more severe. What’s normally a minor irritant is causing major stress. I should be happy, my outlook on life is better than it has ever been, but I’m not, and that’s down to the weather and long, dark nights.

In this video we can clearly see that Christmas is approaching, because traffic levels go up, and driving standards go down. I let my frustrations and stresses begin to show through in the captions towards the end. No apologies, these videos aren’t meant for kids anyway, and what I say is heard on a daily basis, so there.

There will be two more videos before Christmas. The next one will be normal but the last I’m expecting to be rather large, so take heed, there’s a monster approaching 😉

Cycle “Adventures” Volume 119

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 118

Back with another compilation of clips from my regular commute rides.

Not quite so much rain this time but still more than enough. We also see the return of the paint scrapers. Otherwise quite short with a couple of new features, including a short clip of me “singing”, so ear plugs may be advisable 😉

Cycle “Adventures” Volume 118
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Frantic Freddie

My copy of the Zzap! 64 2020 album arrived, and while perusing the contents I noticed that Frantic Freddie 2 exists for the C64.

Frantic Freddie, while being a fun game with some jaunty music, was, and still is, the most frustrating game ever, so in a masochistic way I went looking for V2 and found it’s a fre download. This video is of me playing both versions and giving you a rundown as I go.

Frantic Freddie and Frantic Freddie 2
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New YouTube Channel

I’ve started a new YouTube channel dedicated to the Retro Scene.

Mostly retro games, but I’m happy to include any retro tech, and maybe even old board games, if I ever find any.

At the time of writing this post, there are 4 videos available. The title screen is rough and ready, and I intend to add more games and slides in the short time it runs. The second is just plain gameplay and the other two are commentary comparisons.

I plan to do regular live streams of emulated retro gaming on this channel, the first being Thursday 8pm UK time (subject to change).

I’m keeping this separate from my normal channel because, even though it’s just a hobby, I intend to build up a following. Maybe even attend some Expos next year!

If you like this sort of thing, please subscribe. The retro scene is vast so I’ll have no shortage of material 🙂

Ponder’s Retro Goodness is here!

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