A Short Story

Since G+ is now gone, and this was primarily posted there, I thought I’d resurrect it here. A short story I wrote some time in 2015, with a hidden message.

“Yes, I’ll do it!” he exclaimed enthusiastically.
Once he’d heard of the task there was no question,
Unicorns were his favourite mythical beasts.

Jeff made his way to the forest.
Unicorns were all around.
Suddenly, everything went dark.
Things were starting to happen.

Little did he know,
Over the other side of the forest,
Spirits were stirring,
Trouble was approaching.

Then he felt nothing but pain.
Helpless, he fell to the ground.
Everything hurt, nothing else mattered.

Ghostly forms appeared around him,
As he died.
My story is finished.
Endings don’t always make sense.

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New Phone!

It’s not often I get a new phone, so when I upgrade, I make sure it’s good for a few years!

This is a OnePlus 6T with 8GB RAM in Mirror Black. I’m impressed with it so far! 😀

Just out of the box.
All set up!
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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 99

3 weeks worth!

I had a few days off work for the Ingress event in Bristol, so it took longer. Next one will probably be similar (I have a few days off for my wife’s birthday) but it’ll be with the new camera, and the century episode!

I’m going to script another face to camera video for that. Same place, same channel 😉

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New Camera

I bought a new camera, which arrived today. It’s an Apeman Trawo 4K. I have all the footage I need for “Adventures” 99 so 100 will be all with this camera 🙂

On charge. Will test for low light later.
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Custom Cases

Thanks to Alun Jones for the custom 3D printed cases for my animated Custom Ingress Resistance Badges 🙂

The split in the right hand display is a camera artefact.
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Welsh Cakes

I thought I’d try something new (for me) yesterday and made a batch of Welsh Cakes.

While they were still warm they were quite soggy in the middle, but once cooled they were very nice!

I made a few mistakes, like adding currants before mixing, and I think I had the heat set a little too high so they went brown too early, but this was my first attempt after all.

No baking stone (yet) but the large pan we have works just fine 🙂

Rolled and cut.
On the pan.
All done!
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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 98

Over 8 minutes this time around! I’m back in sync with my work schedule now so normal running times should follow for a while.

The running theme seems to be the Psychic School Of Motoring and Must Get In Front impatient b’stards that can’t stand to see a cycle ahead of them at traffic lights, even if it means cutting in at the last moment!

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Tape Emulation

A nice birthday prezzie, a cassette drive emulator for the C64 (Tapuino) 🙂

Really easy to use too, and while disk emulation is faster, there are some interesting tape loaders out there 🙂

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 97

In this set of clips we have a good variety. Overtaking to turn left, impatient taxi drivers who can’t wait 3 seconds, a pointless bike lane, red light jumpers (car and bikes), some idiot handbrake turning in a car park, ignorant pedestrians acting like sheep, late decisions, drivers who think everyone else is psychic, some very loud quads, due courtesy from me, and an unbelievable, impromptu formation weave.

The main theme of this episode appears to be taxis. Some taxi drivers seem to have found their licences rather than passed any test.

It’s longer than average this time, with 26 clips. I normally wait until the midweek break at this point in my roster, but a week off has pushed things out of sequence. I’ll publish the next one before my long weekend to get back in step 😉

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I tried making fudge today. Failed.

Even on maximum heat, I’m unable to get the temperature above 110°C. It needs to get to 116°C or it won’t set.

I started on a low heat to melt the butter and dissolve the sugar, upped the heat when the temperature stopped rising and it was great up to about 108°C, lovely and smooth, but then the heat rise slowed to a crawl, even though the cooker was as maximum, and a significant amount burned to the bottom of the pan as I kept the heat up for longer than I should in the vain hope of getting the required temperature.

The final result is very soft. Really, really sticky. Tastes great though!

Any tips on increasing the temperature while keeping a thermometer in the pan will be greatly appreciated. Preferably without burning a large amount to the pan in the process.

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