Cycle “Adventures” Volume 135

This video sees a lot of red light jumpers, both cycles and cars, and too many close passes. Scooters are also becoming more popular and it’s only a matter of time before they make local news headlines.

On a positive note, at least they’re finally removing the road narrows! Greenway Road is almost done, just the two on New Road to go to make my journey just that bit safer.

Cycle “Adventures” on YouTube
Cycle “Adventures” on LBRY

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 134

Given the number of close passes and drivers who just must get in front or push out first in this video you’d be mistaken for thinking the roads were busier than they actually are!
I really think lockdown is seriously affecting people’s ability to drive!

On a technical note, this is the first time I’ve had a clip split over 2 camera videos, and it’s seamless!

Enjoy watching! 🙂

Cycle “Adventures” on YouTube
Cycle “Adventures” on LBRY

Thanks to Simon Ward for pointing me in the right direction regarding alignment 🙂

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 133

They keep coming! 133 and no sign of slowing down!

Quite a short one this time though, but still some “interesting” clips.
No shortage of cockwombles and even a considerate Audi driver!

Kudos to anyone who gets the quote that pops up near the end! 😉

Cycle “Adventures” on YouTube
Cycle “Adventures” on LBRY

– Link to LBRY version if the above doesn’t work –

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Crypto Update

The story so far: Joined Brave Rewards in December, started with other Cryptocurrency in January. £10 initially put into Bitcoin via Coinbase using debit card, some sent to Bittrex, some sent to a home hosted wallet. Another £10 in Bitcoin via Coinbase via bank transfer to test fees, both the same (too much IMO). Trigger for the toe dipping being LBC (LBRY Credits) linked to the LBRY content hosing platform.

Since then, Brave Rewards became linked to Uphold, which now allows deposits in cash and trade to cryptocurrency with tiny fees, which I discovered with another £10 deposit. Current spend on Bitcoin: £30 with £2 lost in Coinbase fees, the £3 I sent to Bittrex locked away because the fee for transfer out is more than I have and a few pennies lost in transfer fees. LBC trade still awkward but there seem to be “instant exchanges” now available which will trade other currencies to LBC. No need to worry about that yes, I only use LBC for tipping other creators and publishing, and I’m not low on that currency yet.

Now for the figures. After all the playing I decided to centralise all with Uphold, because of its very low (and free for internal transactions) fees. I currently have £29.69 worth of Bitcoin and £24.12 worth of BAT. My LBC balance is 350.08 LBC worth £15.82.

So I have lost 31p in Bitcoin but as I’ve put no financial input into either BAT or LBC that’s a gain of £39.94! OK, it’s not going to fund retirement, but it’s relatively free money!

About £10 of that is down to 2 referrals to download, install and use the Brave Browser, the rest is just clicking away unobtrusive ads. Those who know me know my feelings on referrals so I don’t spam them. If I did I’d probably make a whole lot more, but as it is I’ll keep my referral link to the occasional blog post (the link is above – using it would make me happy ?). It’s not get rich quick, but that’s probably why it actually works.

LBRY is also worthwhile, not just due to LBC but because it’s less restricted than YouTube. They’ll still block dangerous content via their own clients (which is still on the blockchain so available through other clients anyone may wish to build) but won’t remove content just because the admin or some AI don’t like it.

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 132

Quite an impressive display of cockwomblery in this video! A lot of the time you’d have a hard time believing we’re in lockdown.

The worst part of this whole video, in my mind as a parent, was seeing the young girl riding pillion on an off-road bike, neither her nor the rider were wearing helmets and the road was far from quiet!

On a positive note, the relative position of the camera to the Garmin you often see moving around is fixed. This shows how good the image stabilisation is on the GoPro Hero Black 8 🙂

Cycle “Adventures” 132 on YouTube
Cycle “Adventures” 132 on LBRY

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More Amiga Repairs

Replacement PSU has arrived!

Connected the board to power and video, Kickstart screen.

I now have a new solder station, so I used that to carefully resolder the connector again. This time it worked and has kept working through much testing and reassembly!

The board set up for testing
The result of the test!

The DF0:??? is due to no floppy drive connected, so I reassembled it, testing each time, and connected up the Gotek.

Running Zeewolf from the Gotek
Workbench from the CF
Running in the highest resolution

It’s still a bit fuzzy, but that’s because the upscaler is cheap. I’ve ordered an RGB to VGA adaptor and I’ll test it with a VGA monitor once that arrives. I also have access to a TV with composite input so that’s something else to try. Enough for today though. Success!

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 131

The appearance that the type of people who break lockdown aren’t the best of our society mean there’s no shortage of footage for this video. There are some right corkers here for you to enjoy!

It would appear I have some success in embedding LBRY content. In Brave Browser I had to drop shields for this site, but as there are no ads (and it’s my own site) that isn’t a problem for me. Please let me know if you experience any issues and I’ll edit to suit.

Cycle “Adventures” 131 on YouTube
Cycle “Adventures” 131 on LBRY

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Amiga 1200 Progress Update

Last Thursday my Amiga 1200 motherboard was returned after recapping. I was informed that 2 pins were missing on the IDE connector… which I found in the IDE ribbon connected I removed before sending the board off (oops).

I bought another connector, confident I could change it myself, and that arrived first, so I set to work on the replacement on Friday, after an 02.45 alarm for work and a short shift.

This was a Bad Idea™ because I was very tired. I didn’t realise how tired until failing miserably desoldering the old connector. It was very difficult because I can’t find my desoldering braid and the solder sucker just wasn’t very effecting.

Still, I got it out, but it really wasn’t that clean. I cleaned the area with isopropyl alcohol, applied some extra flux and soldered in the new connector. It didn’t really look that clean and to be honest I wasn’t happy with it, but I gave it a go and everything worked! Even the keyboard with the new membrane was perfect.

I reassembled the computer and installed a Gotek floppy emulator… found out it won’t fit inside the case comfortably without modification so currently have it loose outside. That tested well, but while playing Rainbow Islands it crashed, and the HD started giving errors, and after a reboot wouldn’t even show. I deduced it was my shoddy, tired soldering and put it away until I was more awake.

That was today. I resoldered the connector and it looks much better. Still not as good as I’d like, but still much better. Connected up enough for a test… nothing. Plugged in the LED indicator panel, nothing. Tested PSU… dead.

I opened up the PSU and did manage to get it working for a while, long enough to see the repair I did worked. I’ve now ordered a new PSU (modern, not refurb) and await its arrival before next test. I have my fingers well and truly crossed!

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Cycle “Adventures” Volume 130

Times are hard! Luckily work still gives me the chance to go out. Lots of others going out, more than should be in my opinion, but as much as this annoys me, I refuse to go down the reporting path, we don’t like where that leads!

Even though the roads are quiet, and there’s less happening worthy of making it into these videos, we still have some. This was a collection of 2 periods though; not getting much outside daylight hours at all.

Enough rambling, here is the video!


Link to Cycle “Adventures” on LBRY

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Real C64 Setup Test

Today the final item arrived that should allow me to use my Real C64C and Amiga 1200 alongside my main computer: the 3.5mm – 3.5mm audio cable.

I’ve had a cable to connect the C64 to a SCART input, and also to a Composite input, and the latter is what’s in use here. That connects to a cheap Composite to HDMI connector, which is powered by a USB cable, and this then connects to an ultrawide monitor via a standard HDMI cable. The new audio cable connects the output of the monitor with the Line In of my main computer, and the Pulseaudio loopback module allows playback through the main speakers. It’s a bit messy but it works!

I’ll also be able to use this setup for my Amiga 1200 when it’s returned after recapping. I’ll just connect Composite to Composite… and I have a few of those cables hanging around!

Here’s a quick and dirty video I shot of a demonstration, and of course I used the game I wrote myself to test 😉


Click here for the video on LBRY.

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