HD Failure

About time I got around to writing about this.

Dateline: Wednesday 22nd of November I get home from skittles to find error messages all over the place on my Linux machine and the secondary HD remounted as read only. This is normally solved by a reboot but not this time. Nothing I could do could access it and no recovery program I tried had any success. That’s everything in the /home directory so no “mission critical” stuff, thankfully, with the exception of the IRC server, but a lot of personal stuff. Most of the really important stuff is backed up so it’s more time loss than anything else.

Anyway, I discovered something about superblocks and with the aid of Caz discovered the locations of backups on the HD. With this information I was actually able to error check/fix the HD! Trouble being there was so much corruption that what I did get back was quite limited, but useful all the same. With this data copied off the HD using my Windows machine I thought I’d return the HD to its rightful place. Bad idea. Lots and lots of errors so it’s basically knackered.

All back to full running strength now but with half the storage. It’s still enough (this is Linux not Windows after all 😉 ) but I’d like more so I’m going to be on the lookout for an 80GBish drive soon.

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