I tidied up the computer corner today. Now I know that a tidy desk is the sign of a disturbed mind but it had to be done! Honestly!

It was so bad I couldn’t even see the printer 😉

At least I can actually find stuff again now, and I also took the opportunity to get the kids to round up all my Dr Who DVDs they’d “borrowed” over the last few weeks and not put back.

Jane’s PDA has a damaged connector and hasn’t been charging for a while so while I was on a roll I decided to go on a hunt, found the part I needed online and tried to disassemble it to see if I could replace it myself. I can. When I put it back together again I was pleasantly surprised to see the charge light blinking when I plugged it in!

It could still do with the part so it can sync via the cable but there’s no rush now. A good day all around 🙂

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I'm a train driver from Cardiff, have been married a long time and have 4 wonderful kids... all grown up now! Warning: I tend to lose The Game a lot.
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