Phew, That Was Close!

My mother-in-law has trouble walking any distance so when her local Post Office closed she was unable to get to the next nearest so I get her weekly pension for her and take it to her house.

Yesterday I had 3 hours in Crewe so I thought it’d be a good idea to get her money, and electric meter tokens from the Post Office near the station; big mistake, BIG mistake!

The money was no problem of course, but the tokens were a different matter entirely. “WRONG AREA CODE” – Bollocks! I called Swalec and was told I could either post the tokens to them and wait for valid ones to be sent back or go to the office for a swap. Well as she only had 91p left I decided to visit in person.

Now my mother-in-law lives about 1 mile West of where I start work, I live about 6 miles East and the Swalec office is about 4 miles North of me and 8 miles from my MiL. Lots of hills in between too, it certainly built up a sweat cycling those 12 miles I can tell you.

Today I took the tokens to her and when I checked the meter there was only 3p left! Ok, there’s emergency credit but that can’t be activated until the power actually gets cut off. I don’t think I could have timed that closer if I tried 😉

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