Cycle “Adventures” Volume 143

What started as a quiet video ended up at over 10 minutes!
Road users complain about cyclists… well there are more motorised road users who just completely ignore Rule 167 of the Highway Code than cyclists who jump red lights, and all down to impatience.

Relevant parts of Rule 167:

DO NOT overtake where you might come into conflict with other road users. For example

  • approaching or at a road junction on either side of the road
  • where the road narrows
  • stay behind if you are following a cyclist approaching a roundabout or junction, and you intend to turn left

The last one listed here in particular is smashed almost every time I go out!

The last clip of this video is almost a minute on its own, but what a catalogue of cockwombles that contains!

Anyway, you don’t want to read, you want to watch so here are some embeds!

Cycle “Adventures” on YouTube
Cycle “Adventures” on LBRY

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