Cycle “Adventures” Volume 139

This time we have quite a mixed bag.

It starts and ends with a Ninja, red light jumpers (as always), impatience (also as always), some very dangerous and to me aggressive behaviour, lead footers, indecision and even a UFO!

The hot weather really did seem to bring out some very bad driving. It wasn’t just me who noticed this either; I had others mentioning it at work.

One thing I’ll say time and time again, many people on bikes act like twats. This is not an excuse to put them, nor especially those of us who do abide by the road traffic laws, in even more danger just because you don’t like them. What you’re targeting is not an object it’s a living human. Would you just walk up to some random person and threaten them for no reason? Not if you’re a decent human, but being in a car and seeing a bike seems to remove all humanity from some. Don’t be one of those some.

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I'm a train driver from Cardiff, have been married a long time and have 4 wonderful kids... all grown up now! Warning: I tend to lose The Game a lot.
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