Talking Bollocks – The Start of Vlogging

After creating a series of 7 short Twitch streams daily, to vlog my thoughts after early morning shifts and collating them into an omnibus edition for YouTube and LBRY I’ve decided to make more vlogs. Not streamed but more organised than this rambling 😉

I’ve uploaded the omnibus edition to YouTube and LBRY, creating a new channel for the purpose on LBRY. I’m aiming for around 5 minutes per video but this being a compilation over 7 days it 37 minutes long. If you like rambling bollocks, maybe this will be to your taste 😉

Talking Bollocks on YouTube
Talking Bollocks on LBRY

About Ponder

I'm a train driver from Cardiff, have been married a long time and have 4 wonderful kids... all grown up now! Warning: I tend to lose The Game a lot.
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