Amiga 1200 Progress Update

Last Thursday my Amiga 1200 motherboard was returned after recapping. I was informed that 2 pins were missing on the IDE connector… which I found in the IDE ribbon connected I removed before sending the board off (oops).

I bought another connector, confident I could change it myself, and that arrived first, so I set to work on the replacement on Friday, after an 02.45 alarm for work and a short shift.

This was a Bad Idea™ because I was very tired. I didn’t realise how tired until failing miserably desoldering the old connector. It was very difficult because I can’t find my desoldering braid and the solder sucker just wasn’t very effecting.

Still, I got it out, but it really wasn’t that clean. I cleaned the area with isopropyl alcohol, applied some extra flux and soldered in the new connector. It didn’t really look that clean and to be honest I wasn’t happy with it, but I gave it a go and everything worked! Even the keyboard with the new membrane was perfect.

I reassembled the computer and installed a Gotek floppy emulator… found out it won’t fit inside the case comfortably without modification so currently have it loose outside. That tested well, but while playing Rainbow Islands it crashed, and the HD started giving errors, and after a reboot wouldn’t even show. I deduced it was my shoddy, tired soldering and put it away until I was more awake.

That was today. I resoldered the connector and it looks much better. Still not as good as I’d like, but still much better. Connected up enough for a test… nothing. Plugged in the LED indicator panel, nothing. Tested PSU… dead.

I opened up the PSU and did manage to get it working for a while, long enough to see the repair I did worked. I’ve now ordered a new PSU (modern, not refurb) and await its arrival before next test. I have my fingers well and truly crossed!

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