Real C64 Setup Test

Today the final item arrived that should allow me to use my Real C64C and Amiga 1200 alongside my main computer: the 3.5mm – 3.5mm audio cable.

I’ve had a cable to connect the C64 to a SCART input, and also to a Composite input, and the latter is what’s in use here. That connects to a cheap Composite to HDMI connector, which is powered by a USB cable, and this then connects to an ultrawide monitor via a standard HDMI cable. The new audio cable connects the output of the monitor with the Line In of my main computer, and the Pulseaudio loopback module allows playback through the main speakers. It’s a bit messy but it works!

I’ll also be able to use this setup for my Amiga 1200 when it’s returned after recapping. I’ll just connect Composite to Composite… and I have a few of those cables hanging around!

Here’s a quick and dirty video I shot of a demonstration, and of course I used the game I wrote myself to test 😉


Click here for the video on LBRY.

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