Amiga 1200 Update – Microdrive Success!

I’ve done a lot of “playing” today. Some good and some bad has come of it.

Let’s get the bad out of the way first: the left shift key doesn’t work. The problem lies in the keyboard membrane itself, which will need replacing. I didn’t expect this to be easy given the age of the machine. The other bad news is the capture card I have is unsuitable for live gameplay because the lag is almost a full second!

Now I’ve done some work in FS-UAE and with help from a forum I can boot from the CF card with a directory from the computer mounted as a second hard drive so I can easily transfer files across between systems.

I’ve also been working on the Microdrive, and now it mounts automatically when plugged in, with a FAT32 file system! This means, when I have the Amiga set up as I want, I won’t have to open it up every time I want to get new stuff installed.

Microdrive Mounted – Dir of Contents in Shell Window

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