Cycle “Adventures” Volume 124

Quite a varied one this time around. Lots of impatience, of course, some causing mayhem and completely blocking a street as the lights change because nobody managed to realise there wasn’t enough room to clear the junction before passing the stop lines.

One guy decides I shouldn’t be on the road (that’s how it feels) so bullies me aside. No point in uploading to police reporting sites, they expect you to keep footage on the camera, but make it clear they’re not going to update you on the case unless it goes to court, so that’s an indefinite waste of card space. It’s like they don’t actually want these reports in the first place.

Interesting that the pedestrian we see fully blames me for scaring the shit out of him (he was yelling at me until I was out of earshot), as I gave plenty of warning, and plenty of space as I passed!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, road narrow / chicanes are fucking dangerous for cyclists. Powered vehicle drivers think nothing of passing a cyclist on approach, then realising they can’t get through so slam on their hydraulic assisted brakes leaving the cyclist with a serious problem avoiding a collision! They don’t work for their intended purpose anyway! They’re supposed to calm traffic yet all too often just stop traffic completely for ages, causing significant queues at peak times. It’s about time these monstrosities were all removed permanently!

An amusing twist at the end. Probably not amusing for the passengers on the bus at the time. No idea what happened but if I find out I’ll update here.


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