New Acquisition: Amiga 1200!

Today I took delivery, from a friend at work, of an Amiga 1200 with a LOT of other stuff included!

Happy Ponder with Amiga 1200

First thing I did was test the PSU levels. All good so I connected it all up, using my less than ideal capture card, opened OBS and turned the Amiga on… IT’S ALIVE!

Inserted the Workbench floppy and I had a desktop to play with!

Turned it off, set it up on desk and started to record a commented video. Workbench failed to load. Stopped the recording and started diagnosis. Found out it has a 4MB RAM expansion (at least) and a HD already fitted, but defunct. No worries, I can get a 4GB CF based HD for £20 so that’s a near future purchase.

Tested one of the games in one of the boxes of floppies: Pinball Fantasies. It worked!

What I didn’t realised that was at some point I’d started recording again, so what you see is as it happened without my awareness of recording ?

Pinball Fantasies

The quality isn’t great, but hey, it’s not scrolling all over the shop. In all I’m really pleased with this. I’ll refurbish when/if time allows, and post any progress here, of course. Not enough room to do much in the way of recording while inside the guts of the machine, but we’ll see how it goes.

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I'm a train driver from Cardiff, have been married a long time and have 4 wonderful kids... all grown up now! Warning: I tend to lose The Game a lot.
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