8x8x8 LED Cube Complete!

I can’t believe how smoothly this build went. The component board was almost problem free, just the usual socket/IC pin alignment issues but of course untested so I completed one grid, as shown in the previous post, to test and it was working. Good sign so far!

After that I got to work on the grids. Each took about an hour to complete and test, and that was with interruptions. There was momentum involved, once I got into the rhythm it was straightforward, but after the third of the day, fourth in total, I ran out of solder. I had planned to take a break at this point though so that wasn’t a problem. New solder ordered using Amazon Prime.

Solder arrived at a decent time (on a Sunday) so I got to work with the remaining grids. Once all were installed it was time to connect them all together, which meant another 64 joints (don’t get too excited, not that sort of joint) to solder, along with 8 connecting wires. Once connected I tested and noticed a few LEDs not lighting but that took seconds to find and fix the loose solder joint. The result is in the video below. Well worth it and I feel a job well done 🙂

8x8x8 LED Cube Working

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