Rumney Trail

I decided to visit some portals I’ve not been near for a while, and I thought the best way would be via the Rumney Trail.

I sort of planned the route in my head, but couldn’t quite fully consolidate how it connected from Pentwyn to Rumney Hill Gardens. As it turned out, I still couldn’t when on the trail!

I had a feeling I’d run into a dead end, so left with plenty of time (I’m not that daft) and after some rough ground and a lot of thorny branches I backtracked to a location I knew I could use to get back to a navigable path. Even though I didn’t know my exact location relative to the more well used tracks (I was using the Ingress scanner as a map) I still knew it would lead to a better path, and it did.

One thing this did teach me: while I’m an accomplished road cyclist, I’m a novice 0ff-road. Do I regret it? Hell no! I’m looking at Google Maps as I type this and realise where I went wrong, and the right way would have meant a lot more doubling back (I needed to be the other side of the river). Not something I’d do regularly, but given the weather and time I might do this again, but not go past the waypoint I tag in the video.

The video is quite long and mostly uneventful but I’ve annotated parts and it might be interesting to some.

I was also logging with Strava. The link to that ride is >here<.

The “fun” starts at about 7:30

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