Cycle To Work Means New Bike!

This is a Carrera Intercity folding bike I’ve taken possessions of via the Cycle To Work scheme. It won’t replace my Escape 1 as primary transport but will be great for occasional use in cases where the main bike is impractical 🙂

I ordered it Monday, Wednesday I received a missed call from Halfords so called them back and booked a built pickup today. On my way home from work to pick it up I got a phone call asking when I’d like it built for pickup!

I got to Halfords expecting to be taking home a box, but the shop tech was already building it, because it’s not a complex build at all so only took about 20 minutes.

So I got to ride it home. Very strange at first but as it’s designed to be adjustable on the fly I soon had it set up as I like it. Slight problem with gear changes but nothing major, and I did a bit of Ingress on the way home too.

On arriving home, I fitted lights, The Hornit (after removing the bell) a camera mount and a cycle computer. I’m not too happy with the latter, it’s open to interference so shows 56mph at a stand, but it was only a cheap one to get started. I’ll get a better one soonâ„¢.

The Hornit (my 140dB bell replacement) will now fit on all three of my bikes very quickly. I feel more comfortable with that fitted than a bell 😉

Carrera Intercity (Grey)

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