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Trauma Clinic

I had an appointment today at the trauma clinic. Appointment was for 10.50, I was eventually seen at 12.40. From then it was pretty (or not) quick. A nurse pull up my x-ray then a doctor assessed me, prescribed some … Continue reading

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Accident – Update #2

Day 4 after the accident and it hurts just to move. Ibuprofen are crippling my stomach so I have to stop taking them, leaving my with co-codamol which is making me constantly lethargic. Pain in my foot had come out … Continue reading

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Accident – Update #1

Some photographs: Damage done to the bike. Damage done to the pedal. I think I must have lifted my legs or I surely wouldn’t be walking now! Side view of the damage to the front wheel. Front view of the … Continue reading

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Just a quick on-the-move post to let you all know I’ve broken my shoulder after being knocked off my bike by an idiot in a silver Citroen pulling out of a side street 🙁 I’m ok in myself, just a … Continue reading

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Bye bye fishy

One of the two fish died yesterday 🙁 Almost 8 years old they are too! Let’s hope the other isn’t going to follow close behind.

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City of Lights – Reprise

The two new sets of lights in the City Centre are now active, and guess what? Yes, I was caught by one of them on my way to work this morning (in which time no traffic emerged from the “green” … Continue reading

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No, not wedding or anything as exciting as that but it’s a year ago today my cycle computer was fitted to my old, second-hand racer. This was transferred over to my mountan bike at Christmas and between them I’ve run … Continue reading

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November the 5th

Is it just me or does this date start earlier and last longer every bleeding year? There have been bangs and crackles going off all evening! I reckon it’s time to ban the sale of these bloody fireworks to the … Continue reading

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Modern Art?

I took photos of these picutres I saw hanging the other day: Now I can just work out this is supposed to be a field… …but what the frell this is supposed to be is anyone’s guess. To think, someone … Continue reading

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Psycho Lanes

Now correct me if I’m wrong but generally the traffic on our roads follows The Highway Code, which is written with keeping vehicles apart while travelling in an orderly manner in mind, and on the pavements, where pedestrians walk, it’s … Continue reading

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