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If it’s not likely to get me into trouble it’ll go in here

Updating My 9 Year Old Code

Warning, lots of geeky words in this article! New links for the next few months at work have been published. I tidy up the spreadsheets and make them available to all drivers at the depot. I then port the sheet … Continue reading

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Back To Work

Yesterday saw me ride a bike (new one) for the first time since the accident and I have to admit I was very nervous to start with. I decided to use it because I had a resumption medical in Bristol … Continue reading

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Just finished a week of really early shifts and am just starting to recover. I’m actually getting fed up of pre 5am starts. Although I never oversleep I feel completely frelled by the weekend which is why I haven’t put … Continue reading

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Well we can tell Winter is starting its inevitable approach: three trains I’ve driven this week have disconnected cab heaters! Not so bad during the day but no fun at 04:00 😐 [Edit] Ah, hang on, brain fried. One of … Continue reading

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Leaf Fall

On the way home today I noticed a lot of brown things on the road that once were green things and stuck to trees. It seems the wind is stronger than a flatulant on beans today! Anyway, seeing these means … Continue reading

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