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Phew, That Was Close!

My mother-in-law has trouble walking any distance so when her local Post Office closed she was unable to get to the next nearest so I get her weekly pension for her and take it to her house. Yesterday I had … Continue reading

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Cordless Drills and Broken Fences

I don’t use it much but by Dog is it useful when I need it! It was a Chrismas present from the dragon mother-in-law and it’s proven its worth many times now. Last night some twat (apologies for the language … Continue reading

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Pool In Storage

Well today I got hold of a pump and drained the pool. It’s now awaiting purchase of some huge black bags so it can go away properly for the Winter. It’s going to need a good old fashioned cleanout before … Continue reading

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Well today is supposedly the first day of Autumn in many people’s minds, so why is it hotter here today than it has been all through August? I’ll never get the hang of British weather so long as I live! … Continue reading

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Don’t you just love ’em? Wind was quite calm going to work this morning, but blowing quite hard now (about 15mph). I’m glad it was behind me, gave me a nice boost coming home 😉

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Well so much for August

With the promise of August being a hotter month than July I was really looking forward to some quality pool time. The sad fact is it’s barely seen 20 degrees this month and the pool has gone unused. Now August … Continue reading

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