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Achievement Unlocked!

New vlog post below. Now I don’t normally blog about vlogs, they look after themselves, but this one is slightly different because I hit a target I never thought I’d hit. Twitch Affiliate! I’ll keep saying this, I’m not in … Continue reading

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Talking Bollocks – The Start of Vlogging

After creating a series of 7 short Twitch streams daily, to vlog my thoughts after early morning shifts and collating them into an omnibus edition for YouTube and LBRY I’ve decided to make more vlogs. Not streamed but more organised … Continue reading

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Thought of the Day – Sci-Fi Impossibilities

My mind drifted into science and science fiction today, as it does, and I thought, “What science fiction technology is likely to be completely impossible?” Here’s my list: Faster than light travel. Traversable wormholes. Time travel to the past. Travel … Continue reading

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I’ve been using Waze since the end of July and while it’s a good idea I’m losing the will to carry on, and here’s why: Reliability Since joining, almost every time I actually have the time to edit maps the … Continue reading

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Trauma Clinic #4

Not a good day today. Wind, rain and non-show buses made getting to the hospital a gloomy process, but I did get there in time for my 10.30 appointment and was immediately told to go for an X-ray. Then I … Continue reading

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Overall a good time was had over the Christmas period but while unpacking some of the kids’ toys a thought occurred to me: do manufacturers ever pause to think how their customers are supposed to get these things out of … Continue reading

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Trauma Clinic #3

Well here we are again at the hospital, arriving at 10.10 for a 10.40 appointment. No waiting time displayed yet. 10.25 I’m called in for 2 X-rays. 10.40 and it’s back to the waiting game. Loads in the sub-waiting area … Continue reading

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Trauma Clinic – Take 2

Appointment time was 10.50, arrived at 10.30, called at 12.40, seen at 13.00. The consultant examined me and instructed me on some light, low physiotherapy I have to do three times a day (pendulum like actions) and that was it. … Continue reading

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Trauma Clinic

I had an appointment today at the trauma clinic. Appointment was for 10.50, I was eventually seen at 12.40. From then it was pretty (or not) quick. A nurse pull up my x-ray then a doctor assessed me, prescribed some … Continue reading

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Psycho Lanes

Now correct me if I’m wrong but generally the traffic on our roads follows The Highway Code, which is written with keeping vehicles apart while travelling in an orderly manner in mind, and on the pavements, where pedestrians walk, it’s … Continue reading

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